Wednesday, August 6, 2008


today is a dream day...

different from other dreams...

today is a sober dream...

a dreamy person am I ...

but they are not ususally so sober...

interesting element...

that is sobriety... in dreams

i wonder these days between real and

make-believe... knowing the elements of reality fall into

those made up scenarios

but that they are in fact

products of my insecurities

products of my mind

and now


interesting these nuances

effect the dreams, not

not in the slighest

or perhaps they do

but there is no sadness


only love

a rich love

an infinite love

no need for understanding



no fear

or fakery

1 comment:

Candy said...

for me, i must constantly focus on the reality. the imaginary state is easy -- too easy. i will often get lost in it. concentrate on typing this and nothing more, on taking a step or peddling my bike or just breathing. remain here - for now anyway.